My name is Robert Moritz.

but you can call me Mr. Moritz.…

I’m an Executive Creator Director exploring how emerging technologies can create engaging content experiences. Currently I’m focused on expanding the growing intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Creative Marketing.

Since I’ve worked for a lot of global brands that the cool kids seem to find impressive, I will namecheck a few right up here to keep you reading: HBO, MTV, GQ, Disney, Sony, Saatchi & Saatchi, Toyota, Hyundai and, yes, Cosmopolitan Magazine. Now I’m the Executive Creative Director at — the world famous in New Zealand data-driven digital agency.

I’ve been an editorial director, digital creative, editor and writer in New York City, Los Angeles and, now, Auckland, New Zealand. On the agency side, I’ve overseen branded content, native advertising and social newsroom initiatives at Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles (Toyota) and INNOCEAN USA (Hyundai). In the online entertainment arena, I’ve directed digital editorial content and strategy for places like HBO, MTV, Sony and Disney. And in ye olde world of print, I’m the former West Coast Editor for GQ Magazine and have written for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Elle, New York, Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Men’s Health, Gourmet, Spin, InStyle, House & Garden, Allure, Real Simple, Blueprint, Glamour and a variety of other prominent U.S. publications.

Currently, I’m also a proud Member of the Board at New Zealand’s largest independent radio station, the University of Auckland-based 95bFM, helping guide the growth from terrestrial broadcasting legend to digitally-native powerhouse. And, yes, I am the same Robert Moritz who co-founded NYC’s seminal speed-ukulele ensemble Uke Til U Puke in the early 1990’s.