Mr. Moritz

Brand Content + Creative

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Hyundai USA

As Editorial Creative Director for INNOCEAN USA, Mr. Moritz founded the full-service advertising agency’s Storylab: An innovative social media think tank, creative collective, real-time newsroom and production unit charged with reimagining the role of digital brand content. Leading the team, he oversaw editorial strategy, content creation and social publishing for Hyundai USA and other agency clients.



Storylab’s social brand content campaign celebrating Hyundai's sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Built in partnership with Tumblr, #becausefutbol featured over 150 original pieces of art created by Tumblr artists, with each post averaging 1200 notes/comments.


CLIO Sports | One Show Auto (merit) | Effie (finalist) | Webby (Honoree) | ADDY | A-List Hollywood

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40% spike in Twitter followers


300% lift in brand recognition


#1 branded World Cup hashtag


17.7 million impressions + 465,444 engagements




Bank of New Zealand

Android Pay Launch

When BNZ was the first to bring Android Pay to New Zealand, Mr. Moritz led the effort to make a splash online with the announcement. Enter a chihuahua named “Bananas” (and a baby whose name Mr. Moritz neglected to remember) who helped make the launch a memorable event in newsfeeds across the country.


32% reach across New Zealand


32x more efficient mobile app installs


85,000 person engagement